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6 North Main
Ellinwood, KS 67526


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Monday:8:00 am - 5:30 pm
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    Live Each Day To Its Fullest!

With Natural Chiropractic Care!  In addition to sports injuries, Sauer Chiropractic & Sports Clinic offers complete chiropractic care.  We care for all members of your family from newborns to the oldest member.  We pride ourselves in providing a professional, loving atmosphere where we value you as a person; and, set out a plan of care that meets your individual needs based on a thorough exam and health history with Dr. Sauer.


Does your Student Athlete have
the "Chiropractic Edge"?

Did you know that regular chiropractic visits help improve an athlete's performance?  If an athletic shoe could improve your performance, you'd purchase it, wouldn't you? 

World class athletes have the chiropractic edge!  From Olympic athletes to major league teams, chiropractic care has been giving athletes increased endurance, strength, coordination, balance and energy for years.  Athletes like Tom Brady, Dana Torres, Evander Holyfield, Vernon Davis, Phil Mickelson, Jerry Rice, Reggie Bush and the list goes on and on!

Dr. Aaron Sauer is a Board Certified Sports Injury Physician who not only treats and rehabilitates an injury, but gives your student athlete that competitive edge!  Call to schedule your son or daughter today!   620.564.2555



Safely serving Barton County for over 20 years, naturally! 



Ellinwood Chiropractor Dr. Aaron Sauer is a well-trained Ellinwood Chiropractor providing excellent care.